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___ Index of the Glossary of Chinese Customs and Traditions

Deities, Emperors, Ghosts, Fire Horses and Dragons, Chinese history and legends are crowded with impressive beings. Find out more about Chinese Customs and Traditions related to Chinese New Year and other lunar festivals and holidays.

Chinese New Year’s Celebration

Chinese New Year, China Town, Bangkok, Thailand
Information about the Chinese New Year celebrations and festivities in Bangkok and Thailand.

History of Chinese New Year
The origins of the Lunar New Year.
Days before the Chinese New Year
Preparations for the festival.
New Year’s Eve
Celebrations on Chuxi the last day of the old year.
15-Day Celebration of Chinese New Year
Day by day of the 15-Day Celebration of Chinese New Year.

12 Symbols of Sovereignty
Twelve symbols on the imperial Dragon Robe.

8 Buddhist Symbols of Good Fortune
Buddhist missionaries brought eight auspicious symbols from India to China.

8 Immortals
The legendary group of the eight immortals who know the secrets of nature.

Animals' Symbolism in Chinese Beliefs and Feng Shui
Pets for great happiness, longevity, benefit in business and, of course, LoVe.

Ancestor Worship in Taoism
How to transfer some money to your ancestors.

Bagua and Bagua Mirrors
The tricky concept of the eight trigrams.

Almost pure gold.

Canton Shrine, Thong Ching Thang
A Chinese shrine in Bangkok's China Town.

Chinese Calendar, its Zodiac, and the 60 Year Cycle
Farmer's manual with its rules and regulations, includes the annual cycle of the 12 animals.

Chinese Dynasties
Jin, Ming, Qin, Qing, Xin, you name it.

Chinese Knots
Knotty communication.

Chinese New Year Greetings
Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Rainy days bring benefit.

Before the Five Elements were in use, there were only two colors.

Door Gods
Hanging around doors.

Dragons and Dragon Dance
Mythical creatures sway in divine rhythm.

Feng Shui
The art of home decoration or more?

Fire Crackers
How to horrify bad ghosts and monsters.

Five Elements
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Five Elements Chart
Aspects of the Five Elements.

Five Emperors
More about the legendary, morally perfect sage-kings.

Flowers' Symbolism, Trees, Decoration in Chinese Beliefs and Feng Shui
The powers of flowers.

Food Offering, Food Symbolism
Hungry ghosts.

Lucky fish.

Golden Flower
Offering with peacock feathers antenna.

Gong Wu Shrine
A shrine for a red faced deity.

Guan Ping
About the General of the Shu Han Kingdom.

Guan U, Guan Yu
Famous Chinese Warlord.

Guan Yin, Guan Yim, Kuan Yim
The goddess of compassion.

History of China
The short version of a long (hi)story.

Imperial Guardian Lions
Sitting around temples forever.

Aromatic substances.

The Stone of Heaven.

Jade Emperor
Meet the Supreme God, Ruler of all Heavens, the Earth and the Underworld.

Jade One and the Golden Child
Acolytes of the Goddess of Compassion and other Immortals.

Joss Paper, Spirit Money, Paper Objects
Hell currency and other virtual gifts.

Kitchen God
The stove master.

Laughing Buddha
The predicted Friendly One of the Future.

Leng Buai Ia Shrine
A Tae Chew style shrine in China Town, Bangkok.

Lion Dance
Versatile lions chasing ghosts.

Lucky Bamboo
About the famous bamboo that isn't a bamboo.

More about the traditional Chinese game.

Major Lunar Holidays and Birthdays
For the Chinese always a reason to celebrate.

Money Frog
About the three legged frog.

Meet the terrible monster of Chinese New Year.

Peacock, Peacock Feathers, Chinese beliefs
The heavenly phoenix with 100 eyes.

Pig (zodiac)
The lucky pig of the Chinese Zodiac.

Rat (zodiac)

Red banner
How to attract good luck?

Red envelope
The secret of the red envelope.

Sha Wujing or Sha Wu Ching
A former general in heaven.

Shark Fin, Bird Nest
Debatable delicacy.

Sun Wukong
The Monkey King.

Taoism, Daoism
A user's guide to the perfect concinnity with tao.

Thian Fa Foundation
A Chinese temple and hospital in China Town, Bangkok.

Tsai Shen
All about the God of Wealth and Prosperity.

Wat Mangkon Kamalawat
The Dragon Lotus Temple in China Town, Bangkok.

"The Tang Monk".

Yin - Yang
The principle of the Ultimate.

Yuanbao, Ingot, Coin
About the ancient Chinese cash.

Zhou Cang
The famous warrior with the dark face.

Zhu Bajie, Zhu Wuneng
The famous greedy pig.

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Fu Sign

endless knot

long charakter - Chinese Dragon

Chinese character dào, of Tao

Feng-Shui Character
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