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___ Feng Shui

Feng shui (traditional Chinese: 風水; simplified Chinese: 风水; pinyin: fēng shuǐ) is an ancient Chinese scientific practice or art to utilize the laws of both heaven (astronomy) and earth (geography) to have an effect on the flow of the circulating life energy Chi (気, Qi).
"Feng" literally means "wind" and "shui" means "water."

The original designation for the discipline is Kan Yu (traditional Chinese: 堪輿; simplified Chinese: 堪舆; pinyin: kānyú; literally: heaven and earth).

Considering the universe to mirror the Five Elements, Chinese relied on astronomy to find a correlation between the universe/ Heaven and mankind/ Earth, expressing the polarity in Yin and Yang.

The cardinal directions (North, West, South, East) were ‘enlarged’ by the Chinese, adding one’s nation in the centre of the universe (Yellow Emperor, centre of the universe, ‘Yellow Earth’).

Understanding the relationship between nature and mankind, Feng Shui believers use the bagua template, the bagua map to stabilize, protect, adjust or restore balance in ones life by analysing or structuring any given space in order to achieve harmony with nature, resulting in positive energy flow. The energy is called Chi, the vital breath (chinese: 氣 or 气, romanized: qì) considered to be the active principle forming part of any living thing.
Certain symbols are supposed to affect the physical, emotional and/ or all aspects of life. Feng Shui is the Chinese form of geomancy and literally translates into ‘wind-water’.


Bagua Template

To see which part of your home or work room connects with the bagua fields, stand at the threshold of the door facing inside and hold the diagram so that the blue, black/blue, and gray guas are pointing to you. The bagua can be applied to the entire house, office, garden or to a specific room separately, regardless of the actual compass's orientation. Another variant is to match the bagua with the actual compass's orientation.
Feng Shui Chinese Characters


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