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___ Jade One (Gek Nueng) and the Golden Child (Dek Gim Tong)

Jade maiden and Golden Boy are apprentices (acolytes) of the Taoist Immortals.

Jade One

The so-called Jade One and the Golden Child are apprentices and assistants of the Taoist Immortals.
They not only have a function to protect the house or temple, but being of assistance to the Immortals and/ or to the household, working as what would be described as a servant, buttler, secretary, taking care of as many tasks as they can in order to ease the life of their ‘superior’.

The girl figurine is named Jade One and should be 'having dignified features but ancient and pure manner.'
One who is described as 'jade', is as pure as jade, and as faithful as jade.

The boy figurine is called Golden Boy and is often depicted holding a golden yuanbao/ingot - sign of money and/ or wealth.

Further than this and according with the Avatamsaka Sutra, Jade One and Golden Boy were seeking enlightenment and were acolytes of the goddess Guan Yin. In this context, Jade One is called Long Nue and the Golden Child is called Shan Tsai.

The name of the girl and boy figurine translates as follows:
Girl figurine: Gek Nueng (in Thai) or Lung (wang) nu (in Chinese).
In Thai: gek (หยก) - jade; nueng (หนึ่ง) - one
In Chinese: Lung-wang nu (龍女), long means dragon, wang means king, nu means daughter
Daughter of the Dragon King.

Boy figurine:
Dek Gim Tong or Jin-tong (金僮) or Shan Tsai (Shan-ts'ai)
In Thai: dek (เด็ก) - child; tong (ทอง) - gold coloured
In Chinese: Jin-tong (金僮), jin means metal/ gold/ money, tong means boy, also translates to "Golden Youth". 
Jade Maiden and Golden Boy
Jade One and Golden Child figurines
Photo © Valeska Gehrmann

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