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___ The Canton Shrine, Thong Ching Thang

The Canton Shrine, Thong Ching Thang at Charoen Krung Road, China Town Bangkok.

The Canton Shrine was founded in Bangkok, during the reign of King Chulalongkorn, by a group of Chinese immigrants from Canton (today Guangdong province, Chinese: 廣東).

The Chinese immigrants formed an unofficial association in 1877, gathering at Kwong Soi Pavilion (Residence of the Cantonese). The pavilion was used as a place to meet, aimed at establishing social contacts and giving help within the community. A collection of app. 17.000,- Baht was made to buy a piece of land on Charoen Krung Road to be able to establish a charity, run by the Chinese committee.
In 1880 the Chinese group planed to have a shrine built and were sending people to China to look for construction material and decorative items for the shrine.
Stone columns, stone staircases, stone lion statues, earthen dragons and tiles were sent from China to be assembled in Thailand in accordance with traditional Chinese architectural style. Once the shrine was built, it was registered as a religious sanctuary on March 15th, 1920.
Inside, the shrine features objects of art depicting Chinese deities brought from China. The Chinese believe that these deities will bring good luck and prosperity to the Chinese and their families. A few of the deities are Gong Wu (Guan U), Khong Chue, Ngoen Chang Ti Chu (Emperor Ngeek Sian), Guan Yin and Lu Pan.

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Photo © Valeska Gehrmann

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