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___ Gong Wu Shrine

Gong Wu Shrine, China Town, Bangkok

Guan U, Guan Yu
Guan U statue at Gong Wu Shrine
Photo © Valeska Gehrmann
Gong Wu Shrine
The Gong Wu Shrine in Bangkok's China Town was built between 1916- 1926 by a group of Chinese immigrants who came to settle in this area.

The shrine houses the stature of Gong Wu and a horse statue, being the travelling vehicle for the Gong Wu deity.

Gong Wu (Guan U)
Gong Wu is also known by the name of Kuan Wu, Guan Yu or Gong Wu and is often pictured as a red-faced deity. Gong Wu was a warlord and as such human, living during the reign of the Three Kingdoms. He has been well known for his honesty and virtues.

Some believers consider him to be the God of Wealth and others consider him to be the God of Victory. People who come to worship Gong Wu will also pay respect to the horse statue. Lettuce and water spinach (food symbolism) will be offered to the horse statue before believers ring the bell around the statue’s neck in order to be blessed with success in their work, prosperity in business and, above all, the benevolence of the deity.

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