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___ Map of China showing Self-governed Municipalities,
Autonomous Regions, Provinces and
Special Administrative Regions (S.A.R)

Administrative Divisions

Municipalities (Zhixia Shi): 北京 Beijing, 重庆 Chongqing, 上海 Shanghai, 天津 Tianjin
Selfgoverning districts which are under direct jurisdiction of the central government.

Autonomous Regions (Zizhiqu): 广西 Guangxi, 内蒙古 Nei Menggu (Inner Mongolia), 宁夏 Ningxia, 西藏 Xizang (Tibet), 新疆 Xinjiang
An administrative region where the minority (Chinese Han) is the majority in the local government and congress.

Special Administrative Regions (Tebie Xingzhengqu, S.A.R.): 香港 Hong Kong, 澳门 Macau
Special Administrative Region which pursues the policy of "One Country Two Systems".

Provinces (Sheng): 安徽 Anhui, 福建 Fujian, 甘肃 Gansu, 广东 Guangdong, 贵州 Guizhou, 海南 Hainan, 河北 Hebei, 河南 Henan, 黑龙江 Heilongjiang, 湖北 Hubei, 湖南 Hunan, 吉林 Jilin, 江苏 Jiangsu, 江西 Jiangxi, 辽宁 Liaoning, 青海 Qinghai, 山东 Shandong, 山西 Shangxi, 陕西 Shaangxi, 四川 Sichuan, 云南 Yunnan, 浙江 Zhejiang

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