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___ Famous Landmarks: Sacred Mountains - Satellite View of Mount Ararat, Turkey

Satellite view of Mount Ararat using Google Earth Data

Satellite view is showing Mount Ararat a dormant volcano in Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey close to the border to Armenia. One of the mountain's two peaks the Greater Ararat, with an elevation of 5,137 metres (16,854 ft) is the tallest peak in Turkey.

According to the book of Genesis Noah's Ark came to rest at the mountains of Ararat.
"In the seventh month the Ark rests on the mountains of Ararat, and in the tenth month the tops of the mountains are seen". (Genesis 8:4)
Google Map: Searchable map/satellite view of Mount Ararat, Turkey.

Google Earth Explore Mount Ararat 3D in Google Earth
(Make sure the Terrain layer in Google Earth is checked.)
φ Latitude °N, λ Longitude °E (of Map center):
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