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Australia/Oceanian Airlines

Airlines of Australian/Oceanian nations.


Ansett - suspended
IATA Designator: AN, ICAO Designator: AAA, Callsign: AUSTAIR
Australia's former second major airline.

Qantas Airways
IATA Designator: QF, ICAO Designator: QFA, Callsign: QANTAS
Australia's oldest and largest airline.

Virgin Blue
IATA Designator: DJ, ICAO Designator: VOZ, Callsign: VIRGIN
Australia's second-largest airline.

Pacific Blue Airlines
IATA Designator: DJ, ICAO Designator: PBN, Callsign: BLUEBIRD
Low fare carrier. a New Zealand based subsidiary of Australian airline Virgin Blue.

IATA Designator: TL, ICAO Designator: ANO, Callsign: TOPEND
Regional airline based in Darwin.


Air Fiji
IATA Designator: PC, ICAO Designator: FAJ, Callsign: FIJIAIR
Fiji's largest domestic carrier serving 13 exotic island destinations.

Air Pacific
IATA Designator: FJ, ICAO Designator: FJI, Callsign: PACIFIC
Fiji's international airline.

French Polynesia

Air Tahiti
IATA Designator: VT, ICAO Designator: VTA, Callsign: AIR TAHITI
The principal domestic scheduled airline in Polynesia.

Air Tahiti Nui
IATA Designator: TN, ICAO Designator: THT, Callsign: TAHITI AIRLINES
Tahiti based South Pacific airline, serves the island groups of French Polynesia and offers flights to LA, Tokyo, Paris, direct flights to Auckland, New Zealand and connecting flights to Sydney, Australia.

New Caledonia

Air Calin
IATA Designator: SB, ICAO Designator: ACI, Callsign: AIRCALIN
Air Calédonie International.

Air Calédonie
IATA Designator: TY, ICAO Designator: TPC, Callsign: AIRCAL

New Zealand

Air New Zealand
IATA Designator: NZ, ICAO Designator: ANZ, Callsign: NEW ZEALAND
Air New Zealand Limited, covering 48 cities in 15 countries.

Pacific Blue Airlines
IATA Designator: DJ, ICAO Designator: PBN, Callsign: BLUEBIRD
Low fare carrier. a New Zealand based subsidiary of Australian airline Virgin Blue.


Air Nauru
IATA Designator: ON, ICAO Designator: RON, Callsign: AIRNAURU
Serves destinations in the Pacific region.

Papua New Guinea

Air Niugini
IATA Designator: PX, ICAO Designator: ANG, Callsign: NIUGINI
The National Airline of Papua New Guinea.


Polynesian Airlines
IATA Designator: PH, ICAO Designator: PAO, Callsign: POLYNESIAN
Polynesian Airlines is a state owned enterprise of the Independent State of Samoa. Currently Polynesian Airlines operates scheduled flights from Samoa, its hub, to Auckland in New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia Tonga, Fiji, American Samoa, Hawaii and Tahiti.


Royal Tongan Airlines
IATA Designator: WR, ICAO Designator: HRH, Callsign: TONGAROYAL

Your Majestic Connection to all the Mysteries of the Fabled South Pacific.

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