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A virtual guide to the German Federal (City) State of Bremen. Beside a state profile, this page offers links to sources that provide you with information about this "Bundesland", e.g.: official web sites, local news, culture, history, education, city- and country guides with travel and visitors information, tourist attractions, events and much more.

Bremen market square with Town Hall and the Roland statue, the town's landmark and symbol of the city's autonomy.
Image: Wickler


State Profile

Bremen Flag
Flag of the State of Bremen
where in Germany is Bremen?

Official Name: Land Bremen

Motto: Bremen erleben! (Experience Bremen!)
Bremerhaven, Meer erleben (Bremerhaven, Experience More)

Abbreviation: HB

Time zone: Central European Time (CET); Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Capital City: Bremen

Other Cities: Bremerhaven

Location: Bremen is located in northwestern Germany along the Weser river about 60 km south from its estuary mouth on the North Sea.
Area: 420 km²

Population (2013): 655,000

The federal state of Bremen is the smallest of Germany's 16 Federal States, it is situated within the German state of Lower-Saxony. The state consists of two separated enclaves: the state capital, the City of Bremen (Stadtgemeinde Bremen), and the City of Bremerhaven (Stadt Bremerhaven).

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (official: Freie Hansestadt Bremen) gained importance through classic maritime trading, in particular with coffee. The city is located in northwestern Germany along the Weser river about 60 km south from its estuary mouth on the North Sea.

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Official Sites of Bremen

Citystate and State Capital:
Freie Hansestadt Bremen - Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Official site of the City of Bremerhaven, founded in 1827 as a port for Bremen.

Bremische Bürgerschaft
Bremen's parliament.

Statistisches Landesamt Bremen
Bremen's state office for statistics (in German).


Google Earth Google Earth Bremen
Searchable map/satellite view of Bremen.

 Political Map of Germany

 Administrative Map of Germany



Bremer Nachrichten
National and international news (in German).

Radio Bremen
The smallest public radio and television broadcaster in Germany.
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Arts & Culture

Theater Bremen
Bremen's theater with plays, opera, and musicals.

Overseas museum (in German).

Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum
The National Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven.


Business & Economy

The brewery Brauerei Beck & Co KG.

Flughafen Bremen (BRE)
Airport Bremen's official website.

The official Guide to all seaport-related Business in Bremen and Bremerhaven.
Columbus Cruise Center
Located in Bremerhaven, it is one of the most modern passenger terminals in the world.

Destination Bremen - Travel and Tour Guides

Discover Bremen: accommodation, hotels, attractions, festivals, events, tourist boards, tours and much more.

Tourismus in Bremen
The official city of Bremen tourist guide. 

Seestadt Bremerhaven
Official tourism web site of Bremerhaven.


Travel and Tour Consumer Information

Education and Research

Alfred Wegener Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung
Institute for Polar and Marine Research.

Hochschule Bremerhaven
Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences.
Jacobs University
A highly selective, private institution for the advancement of education and research, founded in 1999.
Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity.
Universität Bremen
In 1584 founded as "Gymnasium Academicum", since 1971 the University of Bremen.

Environment & Nature

Naturpark Lüneburger Heide
Nature- and recreation landscape in the middle of the tri-city area of Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen.


The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
Page about the city's history.

History of Bremen
Wikipedia entry about the History of the city of Bremen.

Additional Information about Bremen

Open Directory Project: Bremen

Wikipedia: Bremen (state)
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