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___ Satellite View and Map of Vanuatu

Searchable Map of Vanuatu using Google Earth Data

Satellite view is showing Vanuatu (formerly known as the New Hebrides), a Melanesian group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Australia and west of Fiji.
Capital city of Vanuatu is Port Vila (on the island of Efate; pop. 30,000). Spoken languages are Bislama, English, French and various Austronesian languages.

Other Melanesian nations and territories are: Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands.

The Map shows a map of Vanuatu archipelago with main roads and streets, and the location of Bauerfield International Airport (IATA Code: VLI) and Ulei Airstrip (IATA Code: ULB).

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Google Map: Searchable map and satellite view of Republic of Vanuatu.
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