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___ Satellite View of Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakh: Байқоңыр ғарыш айлағы)

Satellite View of Baikonur Cosmodrome complex using Google Earth Data

Satellite view is showing the Baikonur Cosmodrome complex, the world's oldest and largest operational space launch facility, located about 200 km (125 mi) east of the Aral Sea, on the north bank of the Syr Darya river, near the town of Tyuratam (Tyuratum). The first man made satellite to orbit the Earth, the Sputnik (Russian for "fellow traveler"), was launched from here in the evening of 4th October 1957.
Baikonur is leased by the Kazakh government to Russia (currently until 2050) and is managed jointly by the Russian Federal Space Agency and the Russian Space Forces.

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Local Time Baikonur:
Saturday-September-5  02:59 UTC/GMT +6 hours
Google Earth: Satellite View of Baikonur Cosmodrome complex
Searchable map/satellite view of the launch facility near the town of Tyuratam, Republic of Kazakhstan.
φ Latitude °N, λ Longitude °E (of Map center):
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External Links:
Russian Federal Space Agency - Roscosmos
Official website of FKA (ФКА), the government agency responsible for the Russian space science program.
Wikipedia: Baikonur Cosmodrome
Current Weather Conditions Baikonur
(Kazalinsk is located about 100 km west of Baikonur.)

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