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Melanesia Map

Clickable map of the island states of Melanesia.

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Melanesia (from Greek: Melas (μέλας) meaning black, and nesos (νῆσος) meaning island, a literally translation is "islands of the black-skinned people".
Melanesia is one of the geographical subregions of Oceania extending from the western side of the West Pacific to the Arafura Sea, north and northeast of Australia.
The term was first used by Jules Dumont d'Urville in 1832 to denote an ethnic and geographical grouping of islands distinct from Polynesia and Micronesia.
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Countries and Territories of Melanesia

Island States and Territories of Melanesia
Fiji | New Caledonia | Papua New Guinea | Solomon Islands | Vanuatu

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Reference Map of Melanesia

The Melanesia map shows dependant islands and island states of Melanesia with their capital cities, as well as other geographical features.

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