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Chinese Dynasties Shang Dynasty

___ Shang Dynasty (商朝; Shāng cháo)

Shang Dynasty Symbol

Map is showing the geographical extension of the Shang Dynasty (or Yin dynasty)
as well as surrounding ethnic groups and tribes in the year 1300 BC.

The Shang dynasty ruled in the Yellow River valley in the second millennium BC, succeeding the Xia dynasty and followed by the Zhou dynasty. Its capital city was Yin, today known as Yinxu, the ruins of Yin. Yinxu was (re)discovered, in 1899. The site of the ancient capital Yin Xu official website, situated on both banks of the Huanhe River close to the modern day city of Anyang in Henan province, is one of China's oldest and largest archeological sites, and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yin Xu is the source of the archeological discovery of oracle bones and oracle bone script, the earliest known Chinese writing.

Shang Dynasty map
Map of the geographical extension of the Shang Dynasty.

Map source: Thomas A. Lessman
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Map of Chinese provinces
Administrative Map of China today.
Map of Asia
Political Map of Asia.

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