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___ Eastern Han Dynasty (東漢; Dōng hàn)

Han Dynasty Symbol

Map is showing the geographical extension of the Eastern Han Dynasty
as well as surrounding ethnic groups and tribes in the year 100 AD.

The Eastern Han, also known as the Later Han, formally began on 5 August 25, when Liu Xiu became Emperor Guangwu of Han. He ruled over parts of China at first, and through suppression and conquest of regional warlords, the whole of China was consolidated by the time of his death in 57. He was succeeded by Emperor Ming of Han. Guangwu established his capital in Luoyang, 367 kilometers (228 mi) east of the former capital Chang'an (today Xi'an).
Eastern Han Dynasty map
Map of the geographical extension of the Eastern Han Empire with its extension of the Western Protectorates in 100 AD.

Map source: Thomas A. Lessman
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Map of Chinese provinces
Administrative Map of China today.
Map of Asia
Political Map of Asia.

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