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Lion Dance with Funny Man/ Uncle, the later God of Smiles with a Fu Lion at Wat Mangkon Kamalawat Temple. The eyes of the Imperial Guarding Lions are usually wide open with a little dot in the middle. Their mouths are wide open, seemingly roaring. Their faces have a devilish look in order to scare off evil spirits. Imperial Guardian Lions are often in pairs. The male’s right paw is playing with a ball symbolising the Earth and the female holding a cub beneath her paw. The male Imperial Guarding Lion will be on the right hand side of the temple or home he stands before, the female will be on the left side. The male of the pair is said to guard the structure, while the female protects the interior of the place and its worshipping believers or inhabitants; China Town, Bangkok

Photographer:Valeska Gehrmann
© 2008:Valeska Gehrmann at