Images of a journey through Southern Lao. From the 4000 islands to Vientiane. Impressions of Bolavens Plateau, Don Det (4000 islands) and Vat-Phou/ Champasak.
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Bolaven-Plateau_01 Market on Bolaven Plateau
Bolaven-Plateau_02 Laotian kid on the market, Bolavens Plateau
Don-Det_02 Don Det, 4000 Islands, Mekong, South Laos.
Don-Det_09 Don Det, 4000 Islands, Mekong, South Laos.
Don-Det_21 Don Det, Mekong river on Sunset.
Don-Det_55 Sunrise at Don Det, 4000 islands.
Don-Det_30 Sunset on Don Det, 4000 islands.
Don-Det_12 Bamboo, Mekong, Don Det, 4000 islands.
Don-Det_60 Don Det, 4000 islands.
Don-Det_61 Don Det, Bath in Mekong river on Sunset
Khong_Phapheng_12 Khong Phapheng Mekong waterfall; South Laos
Khong_Phapheng_13 Khong Phapheng waterfall of Mekong river.
Khong_Phapheng_14 Mekong, Khong Phapheng waterfall
Vat-Phou_04 Vat Phou Khmer Temple complex
Vat-Phou_06 Part of Vat Phou Temple complex with the holy Phu Kao Mountain in background.
Vat-Phou_08 Main entrance to Vat Phou Temple complex.
Buddha images in the sanctuary of Vat Phou Temple.
Vat-Phou_15 Vat Phou Temple complex
Vat-Phou_17 Part of a relief at Vat Phou Temple complex.
Vat-Phou_20 Buddha image at Vat Phou museum
Vat-Phou_22 Phu Kao Mountain with its natural Linga (on second peak) behind Vat Phou Temple and one of the barays (tanks) in foreground.
Vat-Phou_28 Main entrance to Vat Phou Temple complex, in background holy Phu Kao Mountain, the spiritual centre of the ancient Khmer Shrestapura area.
Mekong_Lao_02 Mekong River near Pakse, Laos.
Silk-scarfs-Lao_01 Silk scarfs
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