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Guan Yim/ Guan Yin/ Kuan Yim/ Kuan Yin statue at Kuan Yim Shrine inside the Thian Fa Foundation The statue’s crown depicts the image of Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yim's spiritual teacher before she became a Bodhisattva. A bird, mostly a dove, representing fecundity is flying toward her. A necklace or rosary is associated with her calls upon Buddha for succour, each bead of it representing all living beings and the turning of the beads symbolise that Guan Yim is leading them out of their state of misery and repeated rounds of rebirth into nirvana, hence the beads represent enlightenment. China Town, Bangkok

Photographer:Valeska Gehrmann
© 2008:Valeska Gehrmann at