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___ War against Iraq

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War against Iraq internet resources

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Map of Iraq
Political Map of Iraq
Al Basrah (Basra) and Umm Qasr region
Map of South East Iraq
Baghdad (Special Reference Graphic)
Map of Baghdad. CIA 2003 (1.5MB)
Mapping Baghdad
Custommizable Map of Baghdad city limits (requires Flash)
Deutsche Welle - Iraq Maps
e.g. maps about Major Cities in Iraq, Weapons Range, U.S. Troops in the Region, and more

Map of the Middle East region

__Key Maps of Military Operations;
Iraq map by BBC News
Iraq Navigato (BBC News)
Clickable Iraq map
US/Britain Strike Force
Time Graphic of allied forces around Iraq

Current Local Time:
Baghdad: Mon-June-18  08:14
London: Mon-June-18  05:14
Washington DC: Mon-June-18  00:14

The faces of war

faces of war

George Walker Bush
Biographical data

___The United States of Oil
No administration has ever been more in bed with the energy industry than the Bush administration
The United States of oil
Salon article about the greasy facts

BBC News Analysis: Oil and the Bush cabinet

Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti
Biographical data

___Iraq and Human Rights
Human Rights Watch: Justice For Iraq
While Human Rights Watch has long advocated the prosecution of Saddam Hussein and others for crimes against the Iraqi people and others, it takes no position on the advisability or legitimacy of the use of force against Iraq or the goal of removing Saddam Hussein.

Amnesty International Iraq Reports
Reports about torture and ill-treatment in Iraq
Inside One World - Nations Online

faces of war

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.: OWNO Country pages :.
Iraq border countries
Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey

South Korea Spain
90% of Spain's population are against the war
United States of America
United Kingdom
"Daily Mirror" showed that 84% of the British believe that a war shouldn't be conducted without a decision by the Security Council.

League of Arab States
League of Arab States

faces of war

faces of war

faces of war

Keep in mind:
Is there an exclusive right for reality?
»When war is declared, truth is the first casualty«
Arthur Ponsonby

faces of war faces of war

Don't be the first to be cheated. TV pictures with a serious voice in the background telling a convincing story, same pictures and another serious voice in the off telling a completly other story.
This page tries to lead you secure through the jungle of information and disinformation. Ok it's work you have to do, because it's necessary to get informed by different points of view to get your own picture of reality.

Freedom of Press
Reporters Without Borders/Reporters Sans Frontières
As the war in Iraq begins, Reporters Without Borders is adapting its website www.rsf.org to incorporate hour-by-hour news of press freedom violations by the various sides in the war.

Reporters Without Borders accuses US military of deliberately firing at journalists
Reporters Without Borders calls on US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld to prove US attacks that killed three journalists in Baghdad today, including Reuter cameraman Taras Protsyuk (see photo), were not deliberate attempts to dissuade the media from reporting what is happening in the city. ...read more

Al-Jazeera journalist killed
Al-Jazeera cameraman Tarek Ayoub (35), a Jordanian, was killed and another of the station's journalists, Zohair al-Iraqi, wounded in the neck when a missile hit and badly damaged their offices near the Mansour Hotel in the centre of Baghdad yesterday....read more

Iraqi authorities accused of contempt for foreign journalists
Reporters Without Borders today accused the Iraqi regime of showing contempt for foreign journalists, imprisoning and expelling some and preventing the rest from working with even a minimal level of freedom. ...read more
Embedded reporters
It is said, that "embedded" reporters of the U.S. allied nations are better informed by the U.S. officials than others. That means that e.g. British, Spanish or Australian Journalists have the more precise information. So look at the international press below. By the way other reporters may have their own sources of information.

The rules relate to "embedded" reporters - journalists who agree to give up a certain degree of freedom in return for permission to travel with units of the U.S. military. Around 700 embedded journalists accompany the US-led coalition forces in the attack on Iraq.

Reporters Without Borders warned U.S. authorities not to obstruct the media in its reporting of the expected imminent war in Iraq. It expressed concern that the U.S. military might censor journalists officially allowed to work among U.S. forces and that those who opted to work independently would not be protected. It also called on U.S. forces not to destroy Iraqi media facilities. ...read more
 Latest News:
Abudhabi TV - Live
Live coverage in Arabic (United Arab Emirates)
Al Jazeera
Qatar based Arab channel television
BBC News - In-Depth - Conflict with Iraq
BBC News Coverage
latest coverage live_videonews
CNN News Coverage
War on Iraq, Continuing Coverage

faces of war
The coalition of the willing
faces of war  The 30 nations in what the State Department has officially dubbed "the coalition for the immediate disarmament of Iraq" are: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, U.K., Uzbekistan. Unnamed is Bulgaria, an ally of the U.S. on the United Nations Security Council.
But only U.K., Spain, Australia and now South Korea sent troops, Italy gives U.S. use of infrastructure.

This list only shows the official government position and expresses not the will of the people of the countries, worldwide anti-war protests in 400 cities in 60 countries took place also and in particular in countries which official support the war. Millions of people on five continents have demonstrated against the war in Iraq and the protests continue.

According to the survey by pollsters EOS Gallup Europe, 82 per cent of European citizens would not support their countries' participating in a military intervention without UN support.
Countries which oppose the war against Iraq outside the framework of the United Nations
Many countries of the 115-strong Non-aligned Movement (NAM)
53-Member states of the African Union
Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Vatican (Holy See), South Africa

Where key nations stand on Iraq
BBC has some information about suppürting and opposing countries

Enter the Allies
CRITICS of President Bush's Iraq policy will have to give up their favorite line of attack--that he's acting unilaterally against Iraq. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, even before the State Department named 30 countries as members of what President Bush calls "the coalition of the willing" this week, it was clear the United States would operate with dozens of allies, some large like Australia and Italy, some small such as Latvia and El Salvador.

Powell: 45 Nations in 'Coalition of Willing'
On the brink of military confrontation with Iraq, Secretary of State Colin Powell yesterday said 45 countries have agreed to be part of a "coalition of the willing," but he didn't say exactly what the nations are willing to do.

U.S. Coalition for War Has Few Partners, Troop Pledges
The Bush administration has asked 53 countries to join the United States in a military campaign against Iraq, but so far the "coalition of the willing," in President Bush's phrase, consists of a handful of countries and even fewer commitments of troops, officials and diplomats said yesterday.

International News Sources
People's Daily
The Straits Times Interactive
Singapore (in Chinese)
The Times of India
India Turkish Daily News

Sydney Morning Herald

European news sources
Agence France-Presse (AFP)
BBC News
Conflict with Iraq - In Depth Coverage by British Broadcasting Corporation
Deutsche Welle (DW) [German Wave]
Germany - News and information in 35 languages
Daily Mirror
UK, Legendary reporter Peter Arnett fired by America now writes for the Daily Mirror
The Guardian
UK, Special report: Iraq
The Irish Times
El Mundo
Spain - Guerra en Irak (coverage in Spanish)
The St.Petersburg Times
Russia (CIS)

Middle East
Weekly from Cairo
Iraq at Middle East News Online
The Jerusalem Post
Middle East Times
With news on Iraq

Arabic Translation Site
Free online translations service of Arabic press sites

South Africa
Daily Mail & Guardian
South Africa

U.S. based news sources
__TV stations
FOX News Network
U.S. TV Network

Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor
Los Angeles Times
New York Times
Washington Post
Washington Times
Yahoo! Full Coverage: Iraq

  More international News resources.


 Broaden your horizons -- more background information on the Iraq conflict:

Human Rights Watch World Report 2002: Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan
A list of horror including arbitrary arrests of suspected political opponents and their relatives, routine torture and ill-treatment of detainees, summary execution of military personnel and political detainees as part of a "prison cleansing" campaign.
Where the World Stands on an Invasion of Iraq
Official positions of governments throughout the world
Iraq Crisis - Global Policy Forum
Provides coverage of the Iraq crisis, with special concentration on the period beginning in late 1998
The world against war -- Anti War Movement
Devoted to opposition to the war
National Network to End the War Against Iraq
Stop the War Coalition
UK based anti war site
United for Peace
Which country poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003?

North Korea 7.4 %
Iraq 8.4 %
The United States 84.1 %
Note: This is an unscientific, informal survey for the interest and enjoyment of TIME.com users and may not be indicative of popular opinion.

 United Nations Security Council
This member states of the United Nations Security Council argue for a new UN resolution and war against Iraq: United States of America, United Kingdom and Spain.
This member states of the United Nations Security Council are against a new resolution and against immediate action against Iraq: France, Germany and Russia.
The other members of the United Nations Security Council: Guinea, Mexico, Pakistan, Syria, Angola, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China and Chile are under heavy diplomatic pressure from all sides.
(Links lead to One World - Nations Online Country pages, there you will find national news sources)
Security Council Report March 7th 2003
United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC)
Its mandate is an ongoing monitoring and verification to check Iraq's compliance with its obligations not to reacquire the same weapons prohibited to it by the Security Council
United Nations Security Council
About the United Nations Security Council
U.S. Administration Point of View

__The White House
The White House - Policies in Focus
__U.S. Department of Defense
DefenseLINK, U.S. Department of Defense
The American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) NewsCenter
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