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About Yemen

Yemen is a country on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, bordered in north by Saudi Arabia in east by Oman, in west by the Red Sea and the Bab-el-Mandeb, the strait that is connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Yemen shares maritime borders with Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia.

With an area of 527,970 km² (including the islands of Perim and Socotra), the country is about the size of Sweden or about twice the size of Wyoming.
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Geography of Yemen  
The map shows some of the major geographic features of Yemen: the Empty Quarter desert (Ar Rub' al Khali) in the north, one of the largest sand deserts in the world, encompassing most of the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula. Ramlat al-Sab`atayn is a desert region in central Yemen. Ramlat Dahm is a desert region in north west, part of the "Empty Quarter".

The Tihamah, a narrow semidesert coastal plain along the Red Sea, that is part of the Arabian Peninsula coastal fog desert ecoregion which stretches further along the southern coast of the country in a very narrow strip.

The country's interior is dominated by mountains ranging from a few hundred meters up to the country’s highest point, Jabal an Nabi Shuayb (3,666 m; 12,028 ft) near Sana'a, the country's capital.

The mountains can be separated into the western highlands with relatively fertile soil and sufficient rainfall, and the central highland, more like a plateau of about 2,000-3,200 meters, with rolling hills, small knolls, and some very prominent peaks. The central highlands are drier than the western highlands because of rain-shadow influences, but still receives sufficient rain in wet years for extensive cropping. The Mahra mountains (Jabal Mahrat, up to an elevation of 1300 m) are in central south east.

Yemen has no permanent rivers. The highland regions are interspersed with wadis, or river valleys, that run dry in the summer months. Notable is the Wadi Hadhramaut (Hadramawt) in southern central Yemen, the upper parts of which contain alluvial soil and floodwaters and the lower part of which is barren and largely uninhabited.
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Topographic Map of Yemen
Topographic Map of the Yemen

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By political definition the countries situated on the peninsula are: the island nation of Bahrain, Qatar, situated on a peninsula itself, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in east, Oman in southeast, and Yemen in south, Saudi Arabia in the center, Israel and the Palestinian territories on the northwest coast along the Mediterranean Sea. In the northern part of the peninsula is the Syrian Desert, which also includes northeastern Jordan, southeastern Syria, and western Iraq.  

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