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___ Map of Lebanon

Map is showing Lebanon a country in the Middle East, with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.
Depicted are governorate boundaries, the national capital Beirut, major cities, main roads, railroads, and major airports.

Primary Level Administrative Divisions of Lebanon
Lebanon is divided into six governorates (mohaafazaat, Arabic: محافظات ). These governorates are: Beirut Governorate, Beqaa Governorate (capital is Zahle), North Governorate (ash Shamal; capital is Tripoli), Mount Lebanon Governorate (Jabal Lubnan; capital is Baabda), Nabatieh (Nabatiye) Governorate (capital is Nabatiye), and the South Governorate (al-Janoub; capital is Sidon).

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Map of Lebanon
Political Map of Lebanon
Lebanon Cities

The Map shows the location of following cities and towns of Lebanon:

Aaley, Aanjar, Aarsal, Ain Zebde, Al Bahharah, Amioun, Ash, Baabda, Baalbek, Barr Elias, Batroun, Bcharre, Beirut, Bent Jbaïl, Beskinta, Bhamdoun, Bikfaïya, Bouda, Britel, Chekka, Dahr El Ahmar, Damour, Deïr El Qamar, Douma, Ehden, El Aïn, El Mina, El Qalamoun, El Qaraaoum, Ghuma, Halba, Hermel, Insariyah, Jbaïl, Jezzine, Jouaiya, Joûnie, Marjayoum, Metulla, Nabatiye, Qattin, Qoubaïyat, Qsrtaba, Ramyah, Rayak, Sur (Tyre), Tripoli, Zahle, and Zgharta. 
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Satellite View and Map of Lebanon

Lebanon Country Profile

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Map based on a UN map. Source: UN Cartographic Section   
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