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___ Satellite View of Kenya

Satellite View of Kenya using Google Earth Data

Satellite view is showing the Republic of Kenya, situated on the equator in east central Africa bordering the Indian Ocean.
Lake Rudolf (Lake Turkana) to the north, Lake Victoria in the west.
Kenya is made up of several distinctive geographical regions, it has a narrow, low-lying, fertile coastal strip along the shores of the Indian Ocean that is fringed with coral reefs and islands. A series of low hills separates the coastal region from the vast bush-covered plains of the eastern plateau forelands, which sprawl between the central highlands to the west and the coastal strip on the east and slope gently toward the sea. In the southwestern corner of the country is the Lake Victoria basin, which extends eastward from the lake to the central rift highlands, in which about 85percent of the population and the majority of economic enterprise are concentrated. The Aberdare Range to the east, which forms the eastern border of the Rift Valley, rises to nearly 3,050 m (10,000 ft). In the high plateau area, known as the Kenya Highlands, lie Mt. Kenya 5,200 m (17,058 ft), Mt. Elgon 4,322m (14,176 ft), and the Aberdare Range rising to over 3,963 m (13,000 ft).

Border countries: Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda

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Local Time Kenya:
Thursday-July-30  03:02  
Timezone: Eastern Africa Time (EAT), UTC/GMT +3 hours
Google Maps: Searchable Map of the Republic of Kenya.

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