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___ Leng Buai Ia Shrine

also Leng Buai Eie, China Town, Bangkok.

Leng Buai Ia Shrine was originally an ancient shrine in Tae Chew* style.

Chinese businessmen in this area came to this place of worship for refuge and to improve the prosperity of their businesses through paying respect as well as to be able to establish social networking.

The shrine is a medium sized building built in traditionally Chinese architectural style. It is assumed to be the oldest shrine in Thailand. This is evident in the plaque inscribed in Chinese, stating that the shrine was built in 1658, corresponding to the central Ayutthaya period.
From the main entrance towards the shrine there is a building built in a shape of a mountain, an architectural Chinese tradition.

The roof is made of glazed coloured tiles. Two stuccoed dragons facing each other decorate the rooftop. The columns of the shrine are enwinded by looping stuccoed dragons. Inside the shrine is an altar for Leng Buai Ia and his wife in the centre, one for Gong Wu deity on the left side and one for the Queen of Heaven on the right side.
Close to the entrance on the right side is an ancient bell, built by Emperor Tao Kwong towards the end of the Ching Dynasty (Qing Dynasty; 1644 to 1911).

Leng Buai Ia Shrine
Leng Buai Ia Shrine, China Town, Bangkok. Photo ©

The three-hundred years old shrine also features some significant ancient objects, i.e. three ancient plaques written in the reign of Emperor Kwang Si of the Ching Dynasty, a bell inscribed with the name of Choen Thai Chue particular made for this shrine, and a container for incense sticks, a royal gift from King Chulalongkorn/ King Rama 5.

* Tae Chew, Taechew, or Teochew, an ethnic group with its own language (Teochew, a variant of Min Nan) originated from Chinese Guangdong province region, Teochew dialect in Mandarin is 潮州话 pinyin: Chao(2)Zhou(1)Hua(4)

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