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Chinese New Year

Customs, habits and symbolism

Glossary of Chinese Customs and Traditions

Hui Chun/Red banner, good wishes painted on paper, Bangkok

Red oval shaped Chinese New Year lantern on green lucky bamboo as lucky charm, Bangkok

Red oval shaped Chinese New Year lantern on green lucky bamboo as lucky charm, Bangkok

Electric lanterns with gold fish or koi and chrysanthemum blossoms as lucky charm, Bangkok

Guan Yim and the Thousand Arms, shop with figurines, Bangkok

Porcelain figurines of Gek Nueng and Dek Gim Tong holding a golden yuanbao/ ingot, Bangkok

Porcelain figurines of Guan Yim/ Guan Yin/ Kuan Yim/ Kuan Yin, Bangkok

Nang Quak, ladies beckoning with waving arm signals, shop with plastic figurines, Bangkok

Warlord Guan U with guardian weapons, Chinese figurines shop, Bangkok

Dragons made out of paper and plastic with drums on the upper end for sale, Bangkok

Children before a performance, Thian Fa Foundation, Bangkok

Ritual with masks, street performance, Bangkok

Youngsters with mask like painted faces, Bangkok

Boys with mask like painted faces, Bangkok

Tsai Shen (God of Wealth) with golden yuanbao/ ingots, and Smiling Person with a fan, (the later 'God of Smiles' , Bangkok

Lion Dance to ward off demons, Bangkok

Mask for the Lion Dance,


Modern vs. traditional clothing, boy with mask from the Lion Dance in front of a traffic light, Bangkok

Chinese Opera played in the streets , Bangkok

Purchase- and sale price of gold written on a goldshop's window displayed in baht, Bangkok

Golden and jade coloured mice and rat figurines holding banners and coins, ‘year of the rat', Bangkok

Golden rat figurine with a sack full of money and yuanbao/ingo standing on red envelopes, ‘year of the rat’ , Bangkok

Porcelain mice figurines holding a symbolic peach, ‘year of the rat’ , Bangkok

Mouse/ rat figurines and girl figurine 'Jade One' made out of paper holding a red banner, good wishes on paper, Bangkok

Mouse/ rat figurine

Mouse as lucky charm for the ‘year of the rat, Bangkok

Mouse/ rat figurine on auspicious red paper with symbolic peach fruit, lucky ,’ year of the rat’, Bangkok

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Mini as lucky charm made out of paper, ‘year of the rat’, Bangkok

Chinese character for wealth in golden colour on red paper with left facing swastika, Bangkok

Banners sponsored by a supermarket chain, street scene with partive crowd, Bangkok

Banners reading 'Long live the King, Shark Fin Restaurant China Town Scala', watched over by a mystical dragon, Bangkok

Tired lion after a Lion Dance,


Funny Man/ Uncle and the lions visiting Wat Mangkon Kamalawat temple during the Lion Dance, Bangkok

Lion Dance

Lion Dance to ward off demons, Bangkok

Lion masks on pick up car, inside Wat Mangkon Kamalawat Temple, Bangkok

Dragon figurines, Bangkok

Golden dragon figurine with coin and yuanbao/ ingot, display at a goldshop, Bangkok

Golden dragon with precious stones, display at a goldshop, Bangkok

Dragon mosaic at Canton Shrine, Thong Chiang Thang,


Golden Guan Yim Guan Yin, Kuan Yim, Kuan Yin statue, worshipped as patron of sailors and fishermen, Bangkok

Joss paper offering picturing the Jade Emperor, Gek Nueng, Dek Gim Tong, lotus- and chrysanthemum blossoms, Bangkok

Joss paper offering with necklace and printed lotus flowers at Canton Shrine/Thong Chiang Thang, Bangkok

Offerings at Canton Shrine, Bangkok

View into a temple, Bangkok

Red envelopes, lucky charms made out of jade and other objects, Bangkok

Shop selling joss paperr, space inside and outside the shop is used for storage and sale , Bangkok

Preparing food offering, Bangkok

Sale of sweetmeat offering in form of a pagoda in symbolic colour red and white, Bangkok

Goldfish and lotus flowers next to red banners as lucky charm on a shop's door, Bangkok

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